Mirror yourself

I have lost count of how many dolls I have made through the years, and I have photos only of a few of them – simply because taking photographs was not a necessary part of the experience. I simply forgot it – and often felt sorry later!

I have been making dolls and dolls clothes since I was a young child sitting under my favourite apple tree in our garden at home, cutting and sewing and knitting and not allowing anybody to tell me how to do it! As an adult, I express myself through the dolls. I suppose I did also back then, but did not have the capability to think that. Nor did I need to. I find it equally surprising now as then to see how materials can transform into something else by blending them together in certain ways, and that they can be transformed again and again….and never pre-designed, now as then.  I rediscover myself in the doll as it takes form, in its face expression and shape, in the colours it ‘requires’ me to use. No two dolls are alike, in spite of their simple faces. Each and every one is a world in itself. My world at that point, that is.

Some of my latest dolls are shown here; most of them made of T-shirts and stuffed with pure wool. The idea of using wool and shaping the head by shaping the wool is an idea I adopted from my time in Waldorf education. The dolls can all be dressed and undressed and all have under-garments! Some are private, some are sold and others for sale.


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