Create It Now

Are you ready to risk it? Want to make something without depending on a design, a recipe, or a do-it-yourself book?

To Create It Now based on FaceItNow means setting out to create without a detailed plan or pattern, you wander into the Unknown and create on the go. It could mean cooking a lunch from leftovers and ending up with a brand new recipe, or making a bag from bits and pieces (and discovering half-way it could become a top!), or writing a story without knowing the end before you are there, or doing research without a hypothesis, or travelling into the unknown without a map … the list is endless.

Converted bits and pieces of yarn and fabric:

And not least, CreateItNow based on FaceItNow means responding spontaneously – without hostility – to any unforeseen incident. Even though we might like to think we have order in our daily lives we can’t prevent the unexpected from popping up … these are the interruptions that invite us to create our lives. Someone snapped at you? Or you lost your flight, your house was robbed, your dinner was burned, you lost your job, you woke up with a headache, your vacation has finally come and it’s raining, your mate prefers someone else, you lost a dear one, they don’t understand you… And of course – the unforeseen could be, say, a lottery win, a drug that makes your soul soar, or anything that makes you want to stay like that – forever.

Whether we like or dislike the unforeseen event, we have the opportunity to make use of the experience of it to Create new order, as it were – not back to the old one but a new one, a Creation that is. This is easy in writing and often the most difficult task ever in practice! But it’s Grand, in my world it’s called the Process of Real Creation. You are on your own and are invited to wander into the unknown. You may of course receive support and attention from those around you, but your feeling of disorder, whether confusion, excitement, pain, anger, sadness… is yours. Only yours. FaceItNow invites you to use this energy to discover your own capacity to Create your own life; instead of your life being created for you.
When there is order, in other words, Sameness, we have no need to create; we enjoy, we repeat, we copy and we become experts on our personal sameness; which is an equally necessary part of life, like a resting place. Should you wish to discover something new about yourself, however, you need to be thrown out of your sameness by some unexpected happening, or you can intentionally wander into the unknown without a recipe or pattern.

The approach is the same whether you want to do something enjoyable or create something beautiful or confront a prickly issue or a stinging pain: give attention to that feeling which is only yours, face it and become aware of your resources through that process.

I like to make things. Sometimes I decide beforehand what I want to make, in which case I have to obtain the materials, ingredients or information needed for that particular task. If I want to make a cake exactly like the delicious one made by my friend last week I’ll need to know what ingredients she used and how she made it, and should I wish to make a Japanese uchikake kimono I have to know what it looks like, what materials it is made of and how it traditionally is made, and if I want to write an article and not an essay I need to know the difference.
This way of making something I call Copying based on Sameness

On other occasions I Create things the other way round: I search the fridge for ingredients and make a new dish out of what I have; or I start playing around with bits and pieces of fabric, yarn and threads and let them show me along the way what they may turn into; or in formal research I develop theories rather than testing a hypothesis; and in the same way, I try to make use of the energy of disorder, my experienced disorder or disruption of order in my own life, that is, to become aware of my own resources and Create my own life.
This way of making something I call Creation based on Differences
Sashana Askjellerud ©

The clothes and dolls and other pieces I create are labelled Sashana Design

The works I have done during the years include:
• clothes – sewn, knitted, crocheted, woven, patchwork style /recycling
• ragdolls stuffed with wool, cotton, sawdust or bits and pieces of threads and fabric
• utility pieces (recycling)
• patchworks/collage – fabric and paper
• tapestries – hand-woven with vegetable dyed wool

Sashana Design is not just the items as you can see them. The clothes and dolls and other things are the visible results of a process that is not pre-designed. I never draw the designs beforehand (except for some woven tapestries) and I don´t use patterns (except if I want to include a particular traditional knitting design). I cut free-hand and rarely measure (at least not with a measuring tape!). I make my own weaving frames of branches as it fits the job at hand, or I use a piece of cardboard, or I hang up the warp with pebbles at the bottom – or I use a drawer with nails to hold the warp!

Materials and things around me trigger my imagination. When the creative process takes over and with the help of FaceItNow leads me somewhere I did not plan – that is Sashana Design

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