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“Tourism for Peace? A framework based on conflict for the discussion of tourism & peace”
Dr. Sashana Askjellerud (2010) Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany

This is a book-version of my PhD thesis completed in 2003. As this thesis also is the foundation of further research and a new book in the making, I decided to publish the thesis in its original format and with minor changes to the contents.

Why tourism & peace? It has been claimed by organisations such as UNESCO, that tourism promotes peace, on the grounds that it fosters intercultural understanding. This book, however, places the spotlight on one inevitable irritant: the conflicts.

Supporters of tourism for peace may suggest a holiday away from conflicts, while missing the fact that tourism depends on Differences – the source of conflict. Conversely, ignoring conflict is not the privilege of the other half of “tourism & peace”: the protagonist in any peace- and research related context is conflict.

This book explores conflict as the personal and non-violent transformation of conflict, and proposes a new framework for the discussion of tourism & peace based on conflict. With conflict linked to the tourist, related concepts emerging are emotional literacy, personal development, the meaning of conflict and peace, and peace education. It is expected that the book would be of interest to the fields of tourism, peace & conflict studies, education and psychology. Also, the constructive use of conflict explored here, might be of interest to anyone alarmed by the increase of violence.

BIO: Dr. Sashana Askjellerud studied Education and Social Work at Halden Lærerskole and Stavanger Sosialskole, Norway. She has an MA in Tourism Management, with a thesis titled Managing Human Complexity for Competitive Advantage, and a PhD, with a thesis titled Conflict Transformation through Tourism, University of Brighton, UK. Founder of FaceItNow – a consultancy for the nonviolent use of conflict.

With my new book in the making I take a closer look at Conflict and Differences by exploring their purpose and meaning in Life. My research has led me into areas I never had any intention of visiting; one of them being the spaces of Evil. You may find it absurd, but my investigation clearly indicates that the much respected ‘prevention of conflict’ is a door opener for what we call the Evil- always remembering that conflict is not the same as violence.

My purpose with the book in the making is to try demonstrating how Differences and Conflict are the driving forces in all human activity; that is, in everything we are and do and including in what we call Peace. And not least, I want to demonstrate the devastating consequences of what I call “the abuse of conflict”.

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