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There is no denying that the practice of FaceItNow can be demanding. In means facing up to our challenges without violating Self and Other (which is also the theory of non-violence). By doing this we provide our emotions with an opportunity to mature; we become braver and calmer and get less upset next time we are challenged by new differences. In return we are given space to think, so to say. This does not necessarily mean we will like and agree with what we disliked and disagreed with before – although that could happen too. First and foremost it means that we have made use of our personal experience of conflicting issues to mature emotionally. Nobody said growing up was easy!

However, FaceItNow acknowledges that we can also make use of differences that are less challenging to us, for the purpose of becoming better aware of our Personal space of Differences. This can be done by following up perceptions of a particular taste, sound, smell, word, form, colour… anything taking place right Now in real time. Perhaps this experience is like dreaming awake, one image catching on to another apparently unrelated image. You will cross boundaries and you will be surprised to see where you are being led.
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I offer workshops on awareness training based on FaceItNow as outlined above. The workshops will also include other Self awareness work with the help of such as ‘moving air’, moving in space, and our body movements related to our sensations – and awareness training through doll making.

WORKSHOP 1: Find your own expression through doll crafting

Would you like to discover something new about yourself?
Would you like to make a gift for yourself?
Want to make a special gift for a friend?
Would you like to make a child happy with a natural toy?
Would you like to know how doll crafting can be used as a therapeutic support?
Would you simply like to make a rag doll stuffed with wool?

You are invited to make a doll, but not any doll. This doll will be your personal experience and Your expression, your Design. Sashana Design is my expression. I help with materials and techniques, encourage a little here and push a little there … what we will have in common is FaceItNow. FaceItNow is an attitude consisting of following up associations, intuitions and senses, such as smell, sound and touch, to find out where they lead us in our personal and inner landscapes. This includes ‘showing face’ if something should prove to be problematic during the journey. Scary to cut without a pattern? One leg shorter than the other – and so what? Not everyone has identical legs but have to live with it!

This workshop is designed for 13 hours over 2 days, max 6 participants. The course may be divided into shorter sessions over various days.

I have done doll crafting with groups in several countries since 1989, starting with 13 groups in India, in schools (teachers and students), women organisations, orphanages and Gandhi Ashrams. (HIMACHAL PRADESH: Ganahatti, Simla – UTTAR PRADESH: Kausani, Manan – BENGAL: Kurseong, Calcutta – ORISSA: Bhuveneshwar, Naharkanta, Navrangpur – ANDHRA PRADESH: Hydrabad – TAMIL NADU: Chennai, Pondicherry, Gudalur – KARNATAKA: Silvepura, Bangalore. Later in Switzerland, Geneva – Norway, Elverum – Spain, Jerez de la Frontera.

WORKSHOP 2: Awareness training through treasure hunting
Are you curious to know what secrets may be hidden in your Personal Space of Differences? This is the space that makes you unique and it is also sometimes a troubled space because we tend to be ambivalent to Differences. If you feel inferior in any way, you are on one side of your boundary in your personal Space of Differences and the others that you feel are better than you, smarter, richer, luckier, more beautiful, healthier…..are on the other side. And the other way round, if you are the best then the others are on the other side. Likewise, if you are worried and anxious then the threats will be on that other side too, threatening to cross Your Border to attack you.
But in this workshop we do not focus on these demanding Differences. We will explore some other boundary phenomena in this personal space of ours, and these are normally so subtle and insignificant to us that we are not even aware of them. And yet, they do an equally important job in making us unique as do the ‘flashier’ and more demanding ones. If we are not aware of these subtleties, we react to Differences without actually being aware that we do so – as these reactions are all nicely programmed on our automatic pilot.

Did you ever notice what your hands do when you receive good news?
Are you aware of what a raisin actually tastes like – for you?
Are you conscious about the Difference you feel in this chair and that chair?
Did you ever notice what noise actually does to You? (not the version told you by experts)
Are you aware of where you place yourself in space?
In this workshop we will follow up personal perceptions of a particular, taste, sound, smell, word, form, colour…all taking place right Now in real time and linking up with our treasures in our personal Space of Differences. Perhaps it could be compared to dreaming awake, one image catching on to another apparently unrelated image. You’ll cross boundaries and you’ll be surprised to see were you are being led. This workshop will also include other Self awareness work with the help of such as ‘moving air’, moving in space, and our body movements related to our sensations.
This workshop is new and may be customized according to interest and need.

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